Business PJBI

Business is an investment that handled PJBI open many opportunities to choose because the resources are not limited. Proper investment and able to optimize in the appropriate field will generate maximum profit. Profit does not have to be money, but also can improve the competence so that it is useful for other groups PJB. PJBI in conducting IPP project development with partners will form a new IPP joint venture company (JVC) which is a power plant management company.

There are some parties that will contract with JVC IPP namely:

  1. Offtaker or buyer: PLN or captive market (industrial area)
  2. EPC Contractor: power plant contractor who will contract with the manufacturer • Lender: provider of loan funds for power plant
  3. Fuel Supplier: provider of fuel generators
  4. Operation and Maintenance (O & M) company: the O & M management company of the IPP.

In PJBI’s business scheme, besides maximizing the role of PT PJB’s other subsidiaries engaged in the O & M field of PJB Services, it can also be established an O & M company whose shares are owned by PJBI and partners.